Floor Defender Garage Containment Mats (FD) mats are designed for residential uses. Mainly for use in a residential garage. Our customers use mainly in their home garage as a quick, portable way to prevent moisture, stains, snow and mud from damaging your floor or other important items.

-Heat Sealed seams to ensure a long life span

-Car size holds up to 62 gallons of liquid, while the Truck size mats hold up to 70 gallons

-Reversible design allows you to use with either side facing up

-Durable 27oz vinyl

-Simple to Clean

-Simple installation - NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED! Simply roll it out and it's ready to use use.

-Simple Storage - Nothing to take apart, jus FOLD it back up and store it.


Our Floor Defender Garage Containment Mats come in a variety of sizes.

-car size 7’ 9” x 18’
-car size 7’ 9” x 16’
-truck size 8’ x 21’
-snowblower size 3’ 6” x 4’
-city car size 7’ 9” x 10’
-bike size 4’ 6” x 8'

Choose from our standard sizes that likely match up to your vehicle’s description (Compact, Mid-size and SUV/ Truck). If you want a more precise match you will need to determine the width and length of your vehicle.

Also consider these factors:

Length and width of garage (Can in-stock Floor Defender Garage Containment Mat fit into
your garage?)

Are you trying to fit two Floor
Defender Garage Containment Mats into your garage? (Will they overlap?)

Stuff in the garage (How tight do I need widthwise and lengthwise
to be able to fit?)

Height of vehicle (If snow falls off my car, is it going to splash over the containment edge?)

What side do people get out of the car? (What side of the car can
I cheat on?)

We suggest the ideal mat size would be approximately 2′ longer
than your vehicle, and the absolute minimum mat size suggestion being approximately 1′ longer than your vehicle. Please use your own best judgement to make a final decision as it is the customer’s responsibility to confirm vehicle length as there are many variables.

Available in a concrete grey color, Floor Defender Mats fit in your garage without looking like a large plastic bag on your floor. Elevate your garage floor design today!

Creases/wrinkles will lessen over time but may not go away
completely. Floor Defender Garage Containment Mat is made of commercial Polyester Scrim that is manufactured with a coating process that allows for the PVC to coat and intertwine with the polyester strands . Once this type of fabric is heat-sealed to create our containment edge, it pulls the fabric slightly which creates a slightly imperfect rectangle. Over time and use, especially when the mat fills up with water and is cleaned by either broom or squeegee, the wrinkles begin to relax.

Floor Defender Garage Containment Mat’s reinforced, heat-sealed, watertight seams and commercial grade PVC fabric will not allow liquids to leak through.


No. Each Floor Defender Garage Containment Mat comes fully
assembled. All you need to do is open the box and unfold the mat, and it is ready to use.

No special tools are required. Be careful when you open the
box, do NOT use a sharp object which could cut the fabric and void any warranty

Sweeping or blowing the floor prior to installation is recommended. Make sure you do not have any sharp edges or old paint/caulk that could cause indentations in the mat.

Yes. However, even though Floor Defender Garage Containment
Mats are infused with a UV-inhibitor, prolonged sun exposure can cause color fading.


A cleaner surface helps maintain a longer life for Floor Defender Garage Containment Mats. Clean the mat weekly with a soft bristle broom, mop, or squeegee. We recommend keeping the edge of the Floor Defender Garage Containment Mat right before the garage door near the threshold and hosing the Floor Defender Garage Containment Mats with a mild kitchen detergent to remove dirt and debris. If the mat is soiled with oil and other chemicals, then please use proper disposal (check with your local government).